All india cottan arrivals and rate today

खल,कपास,रुई,तेल,आवक और मौसम की सभी जानकारी

Date 12/02/24
All India Cotton Arrivals
-North India 17500
-Madhya Pradesh 10000
-Gujarat 40000
-Maharashtra 50000
-Telangana 20000
-Andhra Pradesh 6500
-Karnataka 15000
-Tamilnadu 1000
-Orrisa 2500
Total 162,500+-3%.


Cotton Arrivals steady to down today. Kapas prices stable in North India,Gujrat, Maharashta & in South India.. Average demand in cotton

  • Today in North Narma(raw cotton) price stable, arrivals stable to up.. raw cotton prices in physical markets in North India stable to down price range is 5500 to 7200.
    On Most of stations prices slide below MSP in North India.
    Same trend in Gujrat and Maharashtra, raw cotton prices stable 6200 to 7400 today.
    -Most of Gujrat APMC’s are Active today,but most of the produce directly coming to ginning,now good arrivals in Mandi too.
  • MP arrivas stable today..farmer selling continues.
    -Maharashtra Arrivals picking up farmer little active to sell after price declined..local farmers inquiring to sell.. arrivals in Marathwada and Vidarbha region stable to down today.
  • Cotton price’s stable to down today in North India and little weak in central India bargains good, buyer is active on lower levels.. last week very good bargains in cotton due to nybot movement and low prices.. Good physical buying by local mills on current prices.
    Today New crop sold for 5000 to 5725 depends on area and quality wise.
    Central India and South India Cotton stable to easy today.. cotton bargains good, prices are 54000 to 57000 depends on quality.
  • Cotton seed Prices stable to down today in North India, Little weak in Maharashtra,South india, Gujarat. Demand average due to average khal demand, cotton cake sale is average, market in wash is stable to down today, on most of the station.
    -Today slow buying in cotton seed, but still major buyers not interested at all in forward only interested in ready load.
  • Khal stable to down, in North India and in central India,average buying is observed today bulk buying is observed due to high rates,today very few business in seed and cake till now, Today khal on most centre stable to down 20-25 rs/qtl, center to center may vary all over from yesterday..
    -South Cotton seed bargains good for North India.Price range 2300 to 2750 south spot.Now seed seller & buyers much active but demand is slow at current prices.
    -Oil market stabilizing.. wash stable to down today, prices 800 to 835 per 10 kg as per area..
  • Weather is getting cleared in North India,a weak Western disturbance is expected in in Haryana and Rajasthan, scattered rains in next 2 days and in central India no major rains expected
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